School Holidays – January 2019

Oh, school holidays… they fill me with many mixed feelings. On the one hand I love spending so much time with my big kid before she goes back to school. But on the other hand… it is such a long time! And in the middle of summer.

And while there are lots of vacation care programs and full-day workshops for school-aged kids, there’s little programming that I can take my 3 year old along to as well. So for the most part we’ve been hitting up the usual beaches, parks and pools. But we have done a couple of workshops.

Welcome to my blog

Once upon a time there was a mum who loved making art and doing messy projects with her kids. And she wanted a space where they could get together with other kids to make art and mess. So she threw all her passion into starting up Sydney Creative Play. A little organisation with big ideas for raising creative kids and building community – bit bigger obstacles. SCP closed in late 2018 and, now finding herself with significantly more free time, she decided to go where many mums had tread before her, and start a blog.

Reader, that mum is me.

Hi, I’m Sharon. And this is my new site about all things related to kids, play and creativity. Enjoy!